Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Testimony by Tyler Brigham Garrett

I remember as a little kid wondering if all religions' gods could be true and that if each followed their respective god, they would be rewarded in that respect.  Yes I was a weird little kid, but in my little science-fiction-based mind it all made sense.  It was a fleeting thought. Later, I remember watching General Conference, and one of the speakers talked about one true God.  Well, that talk and what I had been taught by my parents conflicted with my fleeting thought, so I knew I must pray about it to know the truth.  First, I'm grateful that I was taught and knew to pray for knowledge, though I had never done it before.  So, right after that talk, while everyone else was still watching Conference, I went to my bedroom and got down on my knees to ask a simple question - are you, my Heavenly Father, the one true God?  I knew I would get an an answer and it came very simply - I felt peace and an understanding that there could only be one true God and that it was my Heavenly Father.  That was more than two decades ago and was my first experience that I can remember with the Holy Ghost; and the experience still brings tears to my eyes.  It was simple and the beginning of my testimony.

Several years later, in my junior year of high school, during early morning seminary - with a very dedicated teacher that worked tirelessly to not only bring the spirit but to help each of us have our own personal experiences with Him - I had a much more powerful testimony building experience.  After studying the last week of the Savior's life and His great sacrifice, we were each asked to write down our feelings of Christ and share with the class.  Very unexpectedly, as I was reading what I wrote, I felt the spirit very strongly, testifying to me what I had written was true - that Christ is my Savior, that I can become clean through Him, that only through Him can I be with my Heavenly Father again.  I had always believed that, but it was that experience that helped me to know and not only feel my Heavenly Father's love, but the love of Christ.  It strengthened my desire to fulfill my part to return to Heavenly Father.

These experiences buoyed me up during my mission and helped me make the right decisions throughout life and continue to do so.   I am grateful for the church and its organizations - namely General Conference and seminary - that specifically helped me gain my testimony and knowledge of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I love my Heavenly Father and His Son.  I know that Christ paid for my sins and that He lives.

-Tyler Brigham Garrett

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