Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Story by Misty Smith Garrett

As a young child I noticed the service of my parents and grandparents in the church.  I heard their testimonies of Christ and His Church.  I saw their faith through their diligence in their callings.  I was proud to be their daughter, and I knew that they knew The Church of Latter Day Saints was the only true church on Earth.  I suppose I leaned on their faith when I was young, but I don’t remember a time when I didn’t believe what I was being taught.  It always felt right and made sense.  As I grew up I continued to follow that good feeling and I learned to identify it as the Holy Spirit.
 In my teenage years there were a few times I was blessed with the gift of perspective.  When I was tempted to do something that wasn’t right, I knew immediately how that choice would affect my future and my faith.  I just couldn’t justify making a wrong choice for my immediate satisfaction when I knew, with a little patience, great blessings would come for my faithfulness.  And they did come!  At 18 years old I married a wonderful man who I only knew for a short time.  I prayed to know if the promptings I felt to marry him were right.  I never received an obvious answer, but felt comfort and peace with my decision to marry him.
As I have gotten to know my husband over the past 11 years, I have continually been amazed at how right that decision to marry Tyler was.  I know that inspired decision couldn’t have been made solely by 18 year old me.  It was inspiration from my Heavenly Father.  What a testimony builder that has been!  There have been other decisions that Tyler and I have made where I have seen the hand of the Lord.  I have learned to trust in His timing and understand that I don’t have the perspective that my Heavenly Father has.  I know that I have Heavenly Parents who love my family and me.  I know Christ is my Savior.  I believe with a little faith, we all can receive our own revelation from the Holy Ghost.  I know, when we follow the teachings of Christ, we are blessed abundantly.  I will always be thankful for my family for teaching me these things and setting such great examples through the way they lived their own lives.  I am grateful we will be a family forever!
                                                                                    -Misty Smith Garrett

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